Statistics Formulae For Engineers And Applied Scientists

Statistics Formulae For Engineers and Applied Scientist
Title: Statistics Formulae For Engineers And Applied Scientists
Compilers: Ahmad Shukri Yahaya, Aeizal Azman Abdul Wahab, Fadzli Mohamed Nazri, Hazmarini Husin
Price: RM26.00  ISBN: 978-967-461-311-2

Statistics Formulae for Engineers and Applied Scientists provides quick and easy access to statistics formulae for those who use them in their everyday work. It presents the basic as well as some intermediate statistics formulae which are the formulae for probability, descriptive statistics, random variables, discrete probability distributions, continuous probability distributions, parameter estimations, one sample confidence intervals, one sample tests of hypotheses, two sample confidence intervals, two sample tests of hypotheses, simple linear regression, design of experiments, nonparametric statistics as well as goodness of fit tests and performance indicators. This book is a useful reference for the undergraduate and postgraduate students at the institutions of higher learning, as well as practitioners of mathematics and researchers in applied sciences field.