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Penerbit USM (USM Press) was established in 1972 with the mandate
to promote, disseminate and preserve scholarly, creative and scientific
works through publications in the fields of natural sciences, applied
sciences, medical and health sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, science
and building technology, social sciences, arts, humanities and education.
In the Malaysian academic publishing industry, Penerbit USM is a leading
university press in publishing extensively peer-reviewed academic books
and journals by renowned scholars and distinct titles representing high
impact contributions to the local and international communities.
Penerbit USM currently publishes around fifty titles per year and carries
more than 1000 backlist titles since its first book titled Sesayup Jalan
by Zurinah Hassan in 1974. Its titles have consistently won prestigious
national awards such as the Anugerah Akademik Negara, Anugerah
Buku Negara, Anugerah Hadiah Sastera Perdana Malaysia and the 50
Best Malaysian Titles. Penerbit USM has also continued to strengthen
its networking by co-publishing titles with influential academic publishers
and institutions such as in China and Japan.
With the aspiration of becoming a world-class scholarly publisher,
Penerbit USM has now expanded its publications to include electronic
publications and employed aggressive promotion strategies through
conventional and electronic channels. It has also actively engaged local
and international aggregators to promote and enhance the visibility of its
electronic publications in the virtual world besides participating in sales,
exhibitions and book fairs worldwide.

More information about Penerbit
USM is available on the website http://www.penerbit.usm.my.

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